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      • 04 FEB 19
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      The College Needs You: Become a College Coach or Expert

      Consider volunteering with the College as a Coach or Expert.  Share your knowledge and expertise, and work with your fellow practitioners, while making a lasting impact on the vision and eye health of Ontarians.

      WHY APPLY?

      There are many benefits to becoming a College Coach or Expert. You will broaden your professional horizons and you will contribute to the self-regulation of Optometrists in the interest of the public of Ontario.


      Many different College processes involve the use of a peer coach. Coaches are used by the Quality Assurance Committee, Inquiries Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) and Discipline Committee. Peer coaching improves and optimizes the quality of patient care, patient management and communication. You will help your colleagues to succeed in a tangible, hands-on way.

      A College Coach works with members to develop and carry out a remediation plan to address concerns. The Coach meets with a member to identify learning objectives, activities, success indicators, and time frames for the plan. Work with a member may include one-on-one coaching, formal learning activities, review of patient records, and learning of techniques. Coaches may also monitor the member and often requires the coach to provide reports to the committee/Registrar on the member’s progress.


      A College Expert provides the ICRC and Discipline Committee with expert opinion. Experts provide their view on whether a member may be incompetent or may have engaged in professional misconduct. Experts typically do not meet with the member, but form their opinion based on patient records and other documents. Experts may be called to testify as a witness in a discipline hearing.

      Coaches and Experts will be paid per hour for their work and preparation time.  All reasonable expenses incurred during assignments will be covered. The number of assignments can vary from year to year.


      We are looking for engaged, enthusiastic optometrists who are:

      • in good standing with the College
      • 5+ years’ College member for coaches; 10+ years’ College member for experts
      • interested in assisting their peers to help improve and enhance knowledge, skills, and judgment across the profession
      • possess a strong sense of professional responsibility and commitment to peer support and public protection
      • knowledgeable about current standards of practice of the profession and College policies
      • excellent communicators
      • able to write clearly and concisely and to provide constructive feedback
      • experienced with computer programs
      • not involved in a complaint/investigation where action was taken


      A training session will be held in Toronto in Fall 2019. New coaches and experts will be required to attend in person.


      Please forward your CV with a cover letter that states your interest in becoming a College Coach or Expert, your reasons for applying, and your applicable qualifications to Mr. Justin Rafton, Policy Analyst

      Mail: College of Optometrists of Ontario, 65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto, ON M4T 2Y3
      Email: JRafton@collegeoptom.on.ca
      Fax: 416-962-4073


      If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact the College’s Policy Analyst, Mr. Justin Rafton.

      Phone: 416-962-4071 (toll-free 1-888-825-2554)
      Email: JRafton@collegeoptom.on.ca

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