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      • 03 JUL 19
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      Proposed By-Law Amendments – We Want to Hear from You


      In late 2017, the College of Optometrists of Ontario undertook a review that resulted in changes to our governance structure. Some of these changes require us to update the College by-laws.

      Prior to updating the by-laws, we’re seeking feedback from optometrists, stakeholders, and the public on the proposed changes. 

      Proposed Amendments

      At the June 24, 2019 Council meeting, the following amendments were proposed:

      • Remove the Treasurer as an Officer of the College; this role will be fulfilled by a staff member.
      • Have Council, by way of the Governance/HR Committee appoint committee members/chairs.
      • Update duties of the Executive Committee to reflect new terms of reference.
      • Remove inconsistent reference that time spent filling a vacancy does not count towards the 9-year maximum for an elected Council member.
      • Change title of Registrar to include “Chief Executive Officer”.
      • Change authorization of expenses to require only Registrar’s approval for an expenditure already budgeted or for any unbudgeted expenditure more than $25 000.
      • Set the cost of a Practice Assessment (Complete Record Assessment) to $2400 plus HST.
      • Add a requirement limiting the date of renewing a corporation application to no more than 30 days before the anniversary or renewal date.
      • Add “Fee for Copying and Providing any Requested Documentation” to the Schedule of Fees and Penalties.

      Have Your Say

      We want to hear from you! Review the proposed amendments to the College by-laws and send comments by email, fax, or mail no later than September 1, 2019.

      Email: feedback@collegeoptom.on.ca

      Fax: 416-962-4073

      College of Optometrists of Ontario
      Consultation Feedback
      65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900
      Toronto ON  M4T 2Y3

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