• 13 MAR 19

    Optometric Practice Reference (OPR) Updates – January 2019

    The OPR has been updated to reflect amendments approved by Council at its January meeting and is now posted on the College website. In addition to the removal of the Clinical Practice Guidelines, the following OPR sections have been amended:

    • 4.3 Delegation and Assignment – An exception has been added under the subtitle ‘Research Conducted by a University’, that reads: “An exception exists for delegation and assignment where medical direction is delegated with indirect supervision, with the informed consent of the subject, and where the research has received research ethics board approval from an accredited university”.
    • 5.2 The Prescription – The standard has been divided into two parts, dealing with optical prescriptions and prescriptions for drugs separately. The wording ‘therapeutic directive’ was changed to ‘order’, as to be consistent with medical terminology of other health care professionals. As the Clinical Guidelines have been removed, the standard no longer references a recommended expiry date. Optical prescriptions must still include a clinically justifiable expiry date, which optometrists will determine using their professional judgment.
    • 6.7 Binocular Vision Assessment and Therapy – The reference to the initial optometric examination yielding enough information to reach a diagnosis was struck. The management of binocular vision disorders was also expanded.
    • 6.8 Visual Field Assessment – The reference to ‘the accuracy of’ performance of testing was struck. Further edits were made to the wording regarding optometrists who receive requisitions for visual field assessments.
    • 7.4 Patients with Diabetes – The standard specifies abnormalities to the retina as well as simplify the language around neuropathies that may affect the cranial nerves.
    • 7.5 Patients with Hypertension – The title has been amended to include “systemic hypertension”. The last paragraph was struck regarding optometrists’ familiarity with fundus signs characteristics of hypertensive retinopathy as statement is not necessary.
    • 7.6 Cycloplegic Refraction – The standard specifies that cycloplegic refraction is indicated in the initial assessment of children and adults who meet any of the listed criteria.

    The revised OPR is now available.