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    It’s Your Decision: Eye Exams and Tests

    An optometrist is a primary care provider who diagnoses, treats, and manages conditions related to your eyes and vision. Optometrists can perform a variety of tests and exams depending on your age, abilities, and general health.

    But when it comes to eye exams, no test is mandatory.

    Many optometrists currently offer retinal imaging (photos) and/or a scan (such as optical coherence tomography, or OCT) of your eye. Although a photo or scan of your eye can be useful tools that help detect eye diseases early on, they do not replace the need for a full eye exam. Neither the College of Optometrists of Ontario nor the Ministry of Health have ordered that retinal imaging or OCT is a mandatory part of an eye exam.

    Eye exam chart next to words: Q - Which tests are mandatory during an eye exam? A - None! After discussing options with your optometrist, you decide what's right for you. Learn more at www.collegeoptom.on.ca

    Your optometrist should:

    • inform you of any test or fee before it happens;
    • explain why the test is needed;
    • outline any additional fees and explain what they are for; and
    • discuss any risks or benefits associated with the test.

    It is up to you, the patient, to decide if you want to have a test or exam done.

    For some patients (age 19 years and younger, age 65 years and older, or those with specific medical conditions) standard optometry care is covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). These patients cannot be required to pay additional fees or have additional tests to receive care that is covered by OHIP.

    Talk to your optometrist about what tests you can expect at your next appointment.

    Questions? Learn more about eye exams in our Patient FAQ or contact the College.

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