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      • 29 SEP 16

      Council Positions for 2017 Filled by Acclamation

      Nominations for this year’s Council elections closed on September 27, 2016. The College received one nomination for each of four available positions. Accordingly, all have been filled by acclamation. Here are the results:

      District 1 – Greater Toronto Area District: Dr. Areef Nurani, Toronto
      District 2 – Northern Electoral District: Dr. Bill Chisholm, Timmins
      District 3 – Eastern Electoral District: Dr. Kamy Morcos, Ottawa
      District 5 – Provincial Electoral District: Dr. Patrick Quaid, Guelph

      The term for all of these councillors is three years. Congratulations to Drs. Nurani, Chisholm, Morcos, and Quaid.