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      • 02 FEB 16
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      Council Meeting Highlights, January 20, 2016

      Executive Committee Election

       All three officers from last year will be returning to the 2016 Executive Committee:

      • Dr. Thomas-A. Noël, President
      • Dr. Pooya Hemami Vice-President
      • Ms. Irene Moore, Treasurer

      They will be working with four other councillors, public and professional, who were elected by acclamation:

      • Dr. Richard Kniaziew
      • Dr. Patrick Quaid
      • Mr. Ira Teich
      • Mr. John Van Bastelaar

      Congratulations to Dr. Noël and the Executive Committee.

      Thanks to Outgoing Council Members

      Council President Dr. Thomas-A. Noël presented certificates of recognition to departing Council members for their outstanding contributions to public protection. After ten years of service, two public members, Mr. Francis Christopher and Mr. Emad Hussain, will be wrapping up their duties. The College is grateful for their hard work.

      Processes to Review OHIP Claims

      Last October, the Ontario government proclaimed an amendment to the Health Insurance Act that dissolved practitioner review committees, including the Optometry Review Committee. There are now enhanced mechanisms with which the general manager of OHIP can review optometrists’ claims and billings.

      To read about these review mechanisms, click here.

      Proposed Changes to the Optometry Act and Related Regulations

      The Clinical Practice Panel of the Quality Assurance Committee proposed amendments to the Optometry Act, Designated Drugs and Standards of Practice Regulation, and Controlled Acts for Council’s approval to circulate for comments. The proposed amendments would give optometrists the authority to prescribe all topical and oral drugs that are within the scope of practice of the profession. They would also allow optometrists to remove superficial foreign bodies from below the surface of the cornea, to dispense drugs for the sole purpose of trialling a therapy, and to specify diagnostic ultrasound as a prescribed form of energy for the performance of corneal pachymetry or ocular ultrasonography. The proposals are being circulated for 60 days for comment from members and stakeholders.

      Members Leaving or Returning to Practice

      Council approved a new policy that clarifies the process by which members can change their registration status from practising to non-practising, or vice-versa, for fixed or indefinite periods of time.

      Read the policy here.

      Sexual Abuse Prevention: The Limits of Relationship

      Council heard a presentation from Dr. Ruth Gallop, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, on sexual abuse prevention and the nature of the doctor–patient relationship. Dr. Gallop spoke about sexual abuse provisions in the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) and the responsibility of the College and its members to protect the public from harm. Council learned more about the prevalence of sexual abuse in the health care community, and the types of behaviours and boundary violations that may constitute abuse. Dr. Gallop presented clinical vignettes that illustrated different types of boundary crossings and abuses of power.

      OPR Update: Binocular Vision Assessment and Therapy

      One revised document, 6.7 Binocular Vision Assessment and Therapy, was approved for publication in the Optometric Practice Reference (OPR).

      To read the updated OPR, including the revised document, please click here.


      Council will meet again on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at the College office, 65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto. Council meetings are open to the public, and members are welcome to attend.



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