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      Council Meeting Highlights, September 30, 2015

      Phase 2 Transparency By-Law Amendments

      Council voted to approve changes to College by-laws that would allow more information to be posted on the public register. Starting October 1, members of the public will have access to some or specific outcomes of ICRC investigations into complaints and Registrar’s reports, as well as information generated through other processes, such as the judicial system or regulators in other jurisdictions. This initiative brings the College’s by-laws in line with other health colleges.

      The College is grateful to those members who took the time to offer feedback during this summer’s Phase 2 transparency consultation. We take seriously your comments and concerns. To answer them, we will be emailing more information next week that will expand upon our previously circulated material. Watch your inbox.

      For more information about transparency, please click here.

      Thanks to Outgoing Council Members

      Council President Dr. Thomas-A. Noël presented certificates of recognition to three outgoing Council members for their outstanding contributions to public protection. Former president Dr. Dennis Ruskin and long-serving Council members Drs. Marlee Spafford and Derek MacDonald will be leaving at the end of 2015. The College is grateful for their service.

      Regulation of Clinics

      Council heard a presentation by Ms. Shenda Tanchuk, Registrar of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Ms. Tanchuk detailed a multi-college initiative studying the need to regulate interprofessional health clinics. Any new oversight body would seek to address public safety issues that arise from unregulated clinical practice such as: high volume of patients; inadequate supervision of employees; problems with infection control; and poor record-keeping. Several health regulators are active in the project; the College is currently monitoring it, but not participating.

      Members Returning to Practice/Good Character Requirement for Applicants

      The Registration Committee proposed two motions to Council, both of which were approved. The first, a new policy for non-practising members returning to practice, is being circulated for comment for 60 days. The second is a policy making explicit the requirement that applicants for registration be of “good character,” so that they are able to practise optometry with honesty and integrity. This provision will make more transparent the College’s process for assessing applicants’ good character.

      New Fees for Inaccurate CE Reporting

      Council approved a motion to charge $350 + 13% HST for members who, at the end of a Continuing Education cycle, ask the Quality Assurance Committee to reassess their underreported CE hours. In past cycles, the QAC has had to devote considerable time to supplementary audits of members who inaccurately reported their CE hours. The fee is to cover administrative and Committee time. Council hopes it will encourage compliance with the College’s CE policy. This motion is being circulated for comment for 60 days.

      Spectacle Therapy: OPR update

      One revised document was approved for publication in the Optometric Practice Reference (OPR). The document, 6.4 Spectacle Therapy, was amended to address the issue of dispensing spectacles to patients with expired prescriptions.

      To read the updated OPR, including the revised document, please click here.

      Council will meet again on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the College office, 65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto. Council meetings are open to the public, and members are welcome to attend.



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