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      • 31 JAN 14
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      Council Meeting Highlights, January 17, 2014

      • On January 16, 2014, officers and members of the 2014 Executive Committee were elected, following a day-long orientation: 
        • Dr. Dennis Ruskin, President 
        • Dr. Thomas Noel, Vice-President 
        • Dr. Pooya Hemami, Treasurer 
      • In addition to the above officers, the following councillors are now members of the Executive Committee: 
        • Ms. Irene Moore, Public Member 
        • Dr. Areef Nurani, Member 
        • Mr. Ira Teich, Public Member 
        • Mr. John Van Bastelaar, Public Member 
      • Council approved the 2014 Draft Budget. Major expenditures include a new membership database, renovations of the College’s new office, and the development of an evaluating exam for the assessment of internationally educated applicants. 
      • Council approved an increase in the per diem rate paid to professional members of Council and College committees, from $600 to $750 per day. The per diem was last reviewed in 2008, and is broadly in line with other Ontario health regulatory colleges and optometric colleges. 
      • Council approved a deadline of January 1, 2016 for completion of TPA certification for those members who have not already done so. This decision is based on the lack of availability of TPA courses that are 100 hours long now that all North American jurisdictions have some level of optometric drug-prescribing authority. Members who are not TPA-certified by that date can continue to practise as usual by referring patients who require drug therapy to a TPA-certified optometrist or physician. 
      • Council heard a presentation by eHealth Ontario. The College is working with eHealth to ensure that only authorized health-care providers have access to personal health information (electronic health records). The system, once in place, will improve efficiency and enhance patient care. It will also facilitate communications and referrals between and among health-care providers. 
      • Council was reminded that the College will implement the use of the OE Tracker program beginning in January 2015. 


      The next Council meeting will be held on Monday, April 7, 2014, at the new College office, 65 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto. Council meetings are open to the public, and members are welcome to attend.

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