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      • 22 FEB 12
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      TPA Policy: New Information and Course Availability

      that is currently in effect:


      Here are flow charts, designed to facilitate the understanding of the amended TPA policy but not to replace it: 
      Members are encouraged to carefully review the TPA Education Policy to determine where their own education and qualifications fit in and to determine what, if any, upgrading or continuing education program they may need to complete.

      New Bridging TPA Policy

      Presuming that the proposed Registration Regulation will include a provision that provides for the bridging of IOGs once it comes into effect, the College has taken the proactive step of enacting a new Bridging TPA Policy now so that, once the Regulation comes into effect, applicants from a bridging program will have had as much advance notice as possible with respect to the College’s expectations regarding their TPA education.  Here is the College’s new Bridging TPA Policy.
      For more information, please contact Ms. Hanan Jibry, Assistant Registrar.

      Availability Of 100-hour TPA Courses

      Optometrists who wish to be able to prescribe therapeutic pharmaceutical agents (TPAs) when the enabling legislation is enacted must have obtained the required education as detailed in the College’s Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents Policy: Educational Requirements for Members to Prescribe Drugs (TPA Education Policy). 
      Depending on your year of graduation, compliance may include successfully completing a course of a minimum 100 hours in the treatment and management of ocular disease approved by the Council or that meets the criteria set by the Council (100-hr TPA course).
      Nova Southeastern University is offering a 100-hour TPA course in the summer of 2012. The 100-hours of didactic education offered as parts I and II of this course, along with successful completion of the course exam, meet the requirements of the TPA Education Policy.
      In addition, the following providers have indicated that they would deliver a 100-hour TPA course if enough optometrists showed an interest:
      University of Waterloo School of Optometry, Elizabeth Reidt (ejreidt@uwaterloo.ca)
      Salus University, Janet Wilbur, (jwilbur@salus.edu)
      Please keep in mind that some providers may require more registrants than others before a course is delivered, so contacting every provider will give you the best chance of obtaining the education you need.
      Optometrists who do not wish to prescribe TPAs – and who will not prescribe TPAs – once the enabling legislation is in effect are not required to comply with the College’s TPA Education Policy.
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