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      • 06 AUG 13
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      College of Optometrists of Ontario successfully obtains court order prohibiting illegal practice in Vaughan

      the owner of Idol Optical located at 9333 Weston Rd., Vaughan, Ontario, from prescribing and dispensing eyewear illegally. Mr. Frisoli is not a registered optometrist, optician or physician. He had conducted an eye test, issued a prescription and dispensed eyewear to one of the College’s undercover investigators without authorization. The College of Optometrists of Ontario and the College of Opticians of Ontario brought a joint application in the Superior Court of Justice to prohibit Mr. Frisoli and his companies from performing controlled health care acts illegally. Mr. Frisoli consented to the court order, which requires him to ensure that only registered optometrists and physicians prescribe (and only optometrists, physicians and opticians dispense) eyewear at his store. Mr. Frisoli must also contribute towards both Colleges’ legal costs.




      Click here to read the Court order.



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