2016 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as an intermediary between Council, staff and the other College committees. The role of the Executive is to facilitate the Council’s decision-making, to ensure that College resources are allocated appropriately and that staff and committees are moving forward with the work of the College and the priorities of Council. The Committee also acts as a finance committee, overseeing the preparation of the annual budget and ensuring that funds are spent wisely during the fiscal year.

Between meetings of Council, the Executive Committee has all the powers of the Council with respect to any matter that, in the Committee’s opinion, requires immediate attention. However, the Executive Committee does not have the authority to make, amend or revoke a regulation or by-law.



Dr. Thomas-A. Noël, President (pictured)

Dr. Pooya Hemami, Vice-President

Ms. Irene Moore, Treasurer

Dr. Richard Kniaziew

Dr. Patrick Quaid

Mr. Ira Teich

Mr. John Van Bastelaar