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    Phase 2 Transparency By-Law Consultation

    Request for Feedback on Proposed Changes to the College’s By-laws (Part 18 – Register)

    The College Council is considering making more information about optometrists available to the public to help them make informed decisions about their health care. We are responding to the increased requests for transparency and accountability in professional regulation.

    We are proposing amendments to Part 18 – Register of the General By-Laws, which set out what information about optometrists is included on the public register.

    We are now asking for your comments on the proposed by-law changes. Some of these are related to the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) outcomes of investigations into complaints and registrar’s reports; others are related to the information that is generated through other processes, such as the judicial system (federal, provincial, and other offence charges relevant to the optometrist’s suitability to practise) or regulatory authorities in other jurisdictions.

    In particular, we are proposing that the following information about optometrists be included on the public register:

    • Verbal cautions [S. 18.03 (23)]
    • Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Programs (SCERPs) [S. 18.03 (24)]
    • Undertakings [S. 18.03 (25)]
    • Current provincial, federal, and other offence charges relevant to suitability to practise [S. 18.03 (13)]
    • Current licences in other jurisdictions [S. 18.03 (6)]
    • Discipline findings and incapacity findings in other jurisdictions relevant to suitability to practise [S. 18.03 (32)]
    • Pending findings of professional misconduct or incapacity allegations in other jurisdictions relevant to suitability to practise [S. 18.03 (31)]

    These proposed changes are a result of our participation in the Advisory Group for Regulatory Excellence (AGRE) with five other regulatory colleges (Physicians and Surgeons, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Physiotherapists). The importance of the Transparency Project has also been acknowledged by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care.

    AGRE developed a set of transparency principles (approved by Council in 2013) to guide the decision-making process in the Transparency Project. These principles continue to inform all recommendations presented to college councils.


    Question: Can you explain the changes to me in a simple way?

    Here is a brief overview of the proposed changes. What is being proposed?