Quality Assurance (QA) Regulation Proposal

In June 2014, Council approved the principles of a new QA Regulation that would allow more flexibility in the definition and process of practice assessments and make it consistent with the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) and the new Registration Regulation under the Optometry Act. On September 17, a draft regulation was approved for circulation. A flow chart outlining the approved principles can be found here (PDF).

At this time, the Quality Assurance Committee is not considering any changes to the current process for randomly selected practice assessments. These amendments are being proposed simply to bring the regulation in line with those of other regulatory colleges, and to allow some flexibility for future changes to the QA process. Proposed amendments to the regulation will allow the Committee to consider variations in how it conducts practice assessments, while ensuring that members are maintaining the standard of practice. The new regulation takes into account the various ways that members practise, including those who are not in general practice. In keeping with the requirements under the RHPA, it will contain a provision for members to self-assess their practice. The proposed regulation will also allow the Committee more options for remediation, when needed, to help members improve their practices.

Provisions to be revoked include those for assessing applicants for registration, which are now included in the amended Registration Regulation, and those for assessing members and providing rehabilitation for sexually inappropriate behaviour.

A minor legislative gap, which was identified some time ago, will be corrected in the new regulation.

A copy of the proposed regulation can be found here (PDF).

A three-column comparison between the current regulation, the new regulation, and the rationale for the proposed change can be found here (PDF).


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