Some Changes That May Affect Your Certificate of Authorization

AddRemove Shareholder: May prompt the Registrar to review your Certificate of Authorization.

Name Change: An optometry professional corporation must apply for a Revised Certificate of
Authorization to ensure that the corporation continues to be eligible to hold a Certificate of Authorization. The Registrar may issue a Revised Certificate of Authorization to an optometry professional corporation if the corporation changes its name after a Certificate of Authorization has been issued, provided the Registrar is satisfied the corporation has applied for a Revised Certificate of Authorization by completing an application in the form approved by the College, along with the relevant documentation and fee.

Amalgamation: Upon amalgamation with another corporation, an optometry professional corporation ceases to exist as an entity separate from the newly amalgamated corporation, and its Certificate of Authorization is revoked, as it is no longer valid.

In the event of revocation, the amalgamated corporation must apply for and obtain a new Certificate of Authorization before it may practise as an optometry professional corporation. The amalgamated corporation must meet all of the eligibility conditions and requirements for issuance of a Certificate of Authorization.