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  • By-law Proposal Consultation

    The College seeks your input on a proposed by-law change that would amend the Schedule of Fees to include a fee for a Short Record Assessment (SRA) by the Quality Assurance Committee for members who are deficient in continuing education hours. 


    Members who do not meet the mandatory continuing education requirement at the end of a CE cycle are required to undergo a practice assessment by the Quality Assurance Committee. This is a regulatory requirement under the Registration Regulation (O.Reg. 837/93 Section 7.(3)(a)). The Quality Assurance Committee has determined that a short record assessment (SRA) would be the most appropriate practice assessment modality when assessing members referred due to deficient CE hours. A fee for this practice assessment is to be added to the Schedule of Fees and Penalties of the College By-Laws.

    Under Section 94.(2) of the Health Professions Procedural Code (HPPC), the College is required to circulate to members, for 60 days prior to Council approval, any by-law related to fees a member is required to pay to the College. Following circulation of the by-law amendment, it will be brought back to Council for approval. Once approved, the amendment will apply to practice assessments for members found deficient in CE hours for the current CE cycle ending December 31, 2014.

    Council proposes to charge a fee of $200 per file for a practice assessment required due to CE hour deficiency and approved the assessment of (i) 5 records for those members deficient by 5 or fewer CE hours, and (ii) 25 records for members who are deficient by more than 5 hours.


    Addendum to Background 

    This is to clarify that at present, CE-deficient members are referred to undergo an assessment at their own cost. The type of assessment CE-deficient members have been referred to in the past is a Complete Record Assessment or CRA (more in-depth assessment) at a high cost. The proposed amendment bases the assessment on a Short Record Assessment or SRA (summary assessment), and raises the current fee for this type of assessment. The objective of this amendment is to ultimately encourage compliance with the College’s CE policy as well as reduce overall costs to members.


    Proposed By-Law Amendment

    Members are asked to provide their feedback on the following proposed addition to the Schedule of Fees and Penalties of the College By-laws:

    Quality Assurance Short Record Assessment Fee (for CE deficient hours)

    • Deficient by 5 hours or less (5 records)                 $1,000.00
    • Deficient by more than 5 hours (25 records)         $5,000.00


    How can I provide my comments to the College?

    Seeking member and stakeholder input is an important part of self-regulation in the health professions.

    You can submit comments using email (preferable), mail, or fax:



    College of Optometrists of Ontario
    900 – 65 St Clair Ave. E.
    Toronto ON M4T 2Y3


    Comments due by September 2, 2014