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  • For 2019, the College has approved the following entry-to-practice exams:

    1. the Canadian Assessment of Competence in Optometry (CACO); or
    2. the Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC) written exam and OSCE; or
    3. National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) Exam. In order to be accepted for registration in Ontario, all three parts of the NBEO examination (Part I-ABS, Part II-PAM, and Part III-CSE) must be successfully challenged after January 18, 2019.  Passing the TMOD component in Part II is required for registration in Ontario.

    The OEBC written exam and OSCE replaces the CACO as the Canadian standard assessment by which competence is verified.

    Learn more about applying to write these exams in our information package.