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  • The College accepts the following entry-to-practice exams:

    1. the Canadian Assessment of Competence in Optometry (CACO); or
    2. the Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC) written exam and OSCE; or
    3. National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) Exam. In order to be accepted for registration in Ontario, all three parts of the NBEO examination (Part I-ABS, Part II-PAM, and Part III-CSE) must have been successfully challenged after January 18, 2019.  Passing the TMOD component in Part II is required for registration in Ontario.

    Learn more about applying to write these exams in our information package.

    Entry-to-Practice Exams and Practice Assessments
    An applicant for registration is referred for a practice assessment or practice evaluation if it has been more than three years since they successfully completed the entry-to-practice examination. In some cases, an applicant may have to undergo both processes to ensure they are competent to practise optometry in Ontario in accordance with the standards of practice.

    The College receives many applications from optometrists working in jurisdictions outside of Canada. In the case of international applicants:

    • Applicants from jurisdictions with similar standards of practice as Ontario undergo a practice assessment.
    • Applicants from jurisdictions where standards of practice are not similar to those in Ontario undergo a practice evaluation.

    The Registration Committee is often unable to determine an applicant’s competence using the results of a practice assessment alone. Therefore, to avoid having an applicant incur the costs and additional time associated with two processes, it is recommended that the applicant undergo a practice evaluation at the onset.

    If the applicant is found to have deficiencies, the Registration Committee may make recommendations for the applicant to meet the standards of practice set in Ontario.

    Learn more in the Registration FAQs.