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    Information for patients and optometrists:
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  • Online Learning

    Health-care providers must keep up their skills, knowledge, and training to ensure they’re providing the best care possible.

    As part of our mission to promote safe and ethical practice among Ontario’s optometrists, the College of Optometrists of Ontario creates and promotes online learning modules to enhance the care optometrists provide.

    Below you’ll find eLearning modules currently available to Ontario optometrists. Optometrists can only meet requirements for these modules by accessing them via the Member Login.


    Eye Consent – The Optometrist’s Guide to Informed Consent


    Every health-care professional, including optometrists, must obtain informed consent from patients to provide treatment, collect personal health information, and more.

    This online module covers what qualifies as consent, when and how to document consent, and how to protect patient information and privacy.




    Professionalism, Ethical Decision Making and the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Patients


    Part of any optometrist’s job is to provide a safe and healthy environment for their patients. This means knowing and respecting boundaries when interacting with patients. But what exactly are these boundaries and how do they apply to you and your family? This self-paced, interactive module explains what constitutes a boundary crossing or violation, what constitutes the sexual abuse of patients, and how unintentional boundary crossings could escalate.