• COVID-19 & Optometry Care
    Information for patients and optometrists:
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  • Citizen Advisory Group

    The Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) is a forum for patients and health-care practitioners to discuss issues of mutual concern. Comprising members of ten Ontario health regulators, the group is seeking patient feedback and advice about health-care standards, the complaints process, communications with the public, and other issues related to the patient experience.

    To effectively protect the public, it is vital for regulators to engage with people who use the health-care system, to understand their needs and concerns – and to use this engagement and understanding to set priorities and chart their strategic directions.

    CAG meets twice a year in facilitated, day-long sessions. Reports of the meetings are posted on the CAG website. It is not a decision-making group, but the information gathered from these meetings will inform the discussions that regulators have about their policies.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this important conversation, you’ll find additional information here.