E-learning module – now available to the public

Professionalism, Ethical Decision Making and the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Patients

Part of any optometrist’s job is to provide a safe and healthy environment for their patients. This means knowing and respecting boundaries in the interactions they have with their patients. But what exactly are these boundaries? And how might they apply to you and your family? This self-paced interactive module will walk you through several scenarios, helping you to understand what it is that constitutes a boundary crossing or violation, what constitutes the sexual abuse of patients, and how unintentional boundary crossings could escalate.

All members of the College of Optometrists had to complete the module as part of their 2018 renewal process; we are now making it available for public use. If you are interested in viewing the module, it should take about an hour to complete.*

Click here to take the module.


*The module might not be compatible with certain versions of Internet Explorer. If you run into problems, please use a different browser.