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  • Practice Assessment Process

    The objective of a Practice Assessment is to promote accountability and helps members enhance their patient care and management. The Practice Assessment is an excellent way to provide a positive learning experience that is directly related to each optometrist’s practice.

    Selection Process

    Members usually come before the Quality Assurance (QA) Committee for a Practice Assessment because they have been identified through an annual random selection process, or they have been referred by the Registrar for not meeting the conditions for maintaining their Certificate of Registration.

    *NEW* Beginning in 2020, new random selection criteria will apply:

    • 20 percent of members registered with one to five years of practice;
    • 5 percent of members with six to 24 years of practice; and
    • 10 percent of members with 25 years of practice or more.

    Random Selection

    Members who have been randomly selected for a practice assessment will receive notification by email from the College. Members are given 60 days to submit 25 self-selected clinical records for first time patients. They are also provided with:

    Role of QA Assessors

    A QA Assessor is an optometrist trained by the College. Once the member submits his/her files to the College, they are copied and returned to the member. A QA Assessor then conducts a review of the submitted records using the Short Record Assessment and prepares a report for QAC deliberation.

    Complete Record Assessments

    If the QA Committee has concerns about the result of the Short Record Assessment, they will notify the member that the assessment process is not yet complete, and a review will be conducted using the Complete Record Assessment form. This will be done by a different QA Assessor using the same patient records. The results of the Complete Record Assessment will form the basis of the QA Committee’s disposition.

    Practice Assessment Outcomes

    The QA Committee reviews the report and the member is advised of the results of the Committee’s deliberation. The QA Regulation limits the number and nature of dispositions available to the Committee to:

    • finding that the member is maintaining the standards of practice,
    • making recommendations for improvement,
    • requiring the member to undergo remediation in the form of continuing education or coaching;
    • directing the Registrar to impose terms, conditions and/or limitations on the member’s Certificate of Registration for a specified time; or
    • referring allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence/incapacity to the Inquiries Complaints and Reports Committee.

    *NEW* Exception Period

    Beginning in 2020, if a member is randomly selected and discharged having only completed the Short Record Assessment, the member will be exempted from being randomly selected for the next 10 years.  If a member is randomly selected and requires a Complete Record Assessment to discharge, the member will be exempted from being randomly selected for the next 5 years.