OE Tracker

OE Tracker is a system the College uses to capture and store continuing education data for optometrists. All members must be assigned an OE Tracker number by the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO). Using these numbers, the College can verify members’ CE hours for every three-year CE cycle.

With OE Tracker, members can:

  • Receive email notification when CE credits are uploaded into their accounts
  • Access their CE data anytime from anywhere
  • Reduce paperwork and filing with online storage of CE certificates
  • Print a CE transcript to submit for licence renewal, board certification eligibility, or credentialing renewal for hospital privileges
  • Track the CE hours they have earned and the hours they need to meet licence renewal requirements

Creating and Using an OE Tracker account

Contact ARBO to receive your OE Tracker number and set up your online account. Be sure to confirm with ARBO that you are a member of the College of Optometrists of Ontario.

You must submit all CE credit hours (both Category A and B) to the OE Tracker. Some CE providers send attendance information directly to ARBO. Otherwise, you must submit your own documents (including PDF or JPG copies of CE certificates) by:

It will take up to five business days before the hours are confirmed and reflected in the account.

Current CE Cycle

For the current CE cycle (January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020) the College is paying OE Tracker subscription fees for all members. The College does not approve/accredit individual CE courses; members are responsible for ensuring their CE activities fall into the appropriate categories. A link to the current CE policy can be found here. The CE Policy outlines the requirements for what constitutes Category A and what constitutes Category B CE.

OE Tracker is completely independent of the annual renewal process. If your OE Tracker hours are not up to date, this will not affect your ability to renew your membership. However, you must ensure that your hours are up to date in your OE Tracker profile by the end of the current CE cycle.

Credit Categories

All of the CE credits used to meet your mandatory CE requirements must be marked as Category as A or B in OE Tracker. You can change or update the A and B categories by marking changes on a printed copy of your transcript and emailing a copy of the marked transcript to ARBO.

The College will only consider the total number of Category A hours and the the total number of Category B hours completed in the current CE cycle for auditing purposes.