Schedule of Fees and Penalties—Effective Sept. 17, 2014

All of the following fees are in Canadian funds and subject to 13% HST
Application Fee including Jurisprudence Seminar and Exam Fee $420.00
Jurisprudence Reassessment Fee $184.00
Certificate Fee upon completion of all College registration requirements $26.00

Duplicate Certificate Fee:

  • when ordered at the same time as the initial certificate
  • when ordered sometime after ordering the initial certificate




Annual Membership Fee $945.00
Late Penalty Fee (application, membership renewal, Certificate of Authorization renewal) $105.00
Reinstatement Fee (membership) $210.00

Certificate of Authorization (Incorporation) Application Fee

Certificate of Authorization (Incorporation) Certificate Fee




Certificate of Authorization (Incorporation) Annual Renewal Fee $315.00
Quality Assurance Assessment Fee $1,733.00

Quality Assurance Short record Assessment Fee (for CE deficient hours):

  • Deficient by 5 hours or less (5 records)
  • Deficient by more than 5 hours (25 records)



$1,000.00 $5,000.00

Incorrectly Underreported CE Hours Audit Fee


Quality Assurance Evaluation Fee $3,176.00
Certificate of Standing $105.00

Address Labels:

  • For members and other professionals on profession-related business (e.g., referrals)
  • For continuing education providers (e.g., UWSO, Vision Institute, University of Toronto)
  • For any commercial organization






NSF Cheques $42.00