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  • Proposed Governance By-law Amendments – 2020

    As part of an overall governance restructuring, the College is looking to revise its by-laws to ensure they are accessible and in line with best practices.

    The proposed revisions are a key step for both the College and Council in becoming a leading regulator whose work is transparent and aligns with the priorities set out in our new strategic plan.

    We want to hear from optometrists, stakeholders, and the public about the proposed changes ahead of the September Council meeting. The proposed by-law revisions will be posted for 60 days, after which both the Governance/HR Committee and Council will review any feedback.


    In October 2017, a consultant reviewed the College’s governance practices to 1) assess the current state of College governance and 2) recommend opportunities that would encourage growth. The review and recommendations were presented in early 2018. Since that time, the College has begun implementing the recommendations, including forming a standing Governance/HR Committee.

    Building on this initial work, the Governance/HR Committee’s key task for 2020 was to review and revise the College by-laws. The College last conducted a fulsome by-law review in 2010/2011. The current review aims to consolidate, simplify and update the by-laws to better reflect current best practices in by-law structure and governance reform. The review also recognises that the Ministry of Health encourages self-regulatory models that are accountable to the public and built on modern and effective governance frameworks.

    Proposed By-law Amendment – Summary

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    The College is seeking feedback from optometrists, stakeholders, and the public on the proposed by-law changes ahead of the September 2020 Council meeting, where Council will be reviewing the changes for approval. Feedback is much appreciated and will be carefully reviewed by the Governance/HR Committee and considered by Council as part of the decision-making process.

    Send your feedback via email by August 28, 2020.