RFP Questions and Answers (updated May 4, 2017)

Alternate Canadian Entry-to-Practice Examination

Question 1: Based on the description in the RFP, it would appear that the College is looking for a comprehensive assessment program to replace its current licensing exam for all prospective Ontario optometrists going forward. Is this interpretation correct?

That is one option that is available, but is not necessarily an option that the College will take.

Question 2: How many candidates does the College anticipate will apply to the assessment process, once fully operational?

The number of candidates anticipated to apply depends on several factors, and which of these factors materialize.

Question 3: Would the College be open to awarding parts of the RFP to a vendor, based on specific core competencies and experience? In particular, could the College find acceptable a response that includes the written and clinical exam development but administration of only the written component?

This would depend on the content of the proposal submitted.